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Live today, plan for tomorrow

In the interests of balance and practising what I preach to my students I’ve taken a few days off over Easter. Since the lockdown started in the UK, I have worked every day to get on top of new ways of teaching, complete marking and give feedback quickly to my students and consider processes for rank ordering my GCSE students and sending grades off to the exam boards. Whilst social media is full of friends spring cleaning and redecorating their houses, revamping their gardens, organising helpschemes for neighbours, coordinating volunteers to make scrubs for hospital workers, distribute palletloads of donated Easter eggs or just feeling bored, my life has changed very little, except that I’m doing it from home with all my family around me. Switching off and leading a balanced life is SO important.

Now that the Easter weekend is over, it’s full steam ahead to prepare for next term – teaching remotely but with one eye on returning to school before the end of term. I’m in the process of revamping the independent learning programme I introduced at the start of the year and organising some activities for our remote INSET day next week.

It’s a lot of work but the opportunity to rethink and redraft my original ideas is a positive. Proof that the best learning happens when you take some risks, recognise any mistakes you make, embrace them and are flexible enough to change and try something different. Students take note. When I finish the program, not only will I have learned a lot about myself and my leadership but there might be a book about independent learning in this.

If I can find the time to write it.