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Lockdown opportunities

Dear Quaran-teens,

Most Thursday nights I’m either watching my daughter play netball, in rehearsal for a play or catching up on my marking. Last night I sat down with a glass of wine and watched a live theatre production streamed to my pc – One Man, Two Guvnors – which I hadn’t found time or money to see before. What a treat. Next Thursday it’s the National Theatre’s innovative production of Jane Eyre, another one I had wanted to see but couldn’t at the time. (Blocked by a marking avalanche, I expect!)

Lockdown is not all bad.

There are umpteen opportunities whilst we are on an enforced absence from school that will make me a better teacher and you more independent and resourceful students.

I’ve done more reading and signed up for some free on-line courses on approaches to teaching drama and poetry and one about how we learn. Things I wouldn’t have had the headspace to research or follow a few weeks ago. I’m teaching my middle son to cook before he heads off to Uni (we hope) in the Autumn and my days have a new rhythm – work until early afternoon, then doing exercise or chores around the house and garden. In the evening I embark on something creative.

I hope by now you have found a new rhythm of life too. For GCSE and A Level students there’s a little more clarity about how your grades will be calculated and hopefully the ability to relax, move on and set yourself up for a fresh start in sixth form, college or University in the Autumn.

Boredom breeds creativity. Being stuck at home is a real chance to develop your creative abilities, a skill which employers rate highly and feel is in decline in job applicants. It said so in today’s press. And while you shouldn’t believe everything one reads in the newspapers on this one they can be trusted.

Keep in touch with each other and your teachers.

Mrs S