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Not going out

Dear Quaran – teens

Wouldn’t we all love to pop up a mountain like Julie Andrews on a day like this? There has been a lot of talk in the press and on social media about people breaking the lockdown and the social distance rules, getting out an about in the glorious weather this weekend. It won’t surprise you to hear that much of the criticism is levelled at young people. Hardly fair.

My own daughter is bemoaning the fact that we can’t do our usual picnic and jaunt round Stourhead on Palm Sunday today.

Another friend who was planning a family trip to New York and Washington over the Easter hols has come up with an ingenious way of going on their trip. Their entire itinerary (all first class of course) is posted online from their settee. Museums, art galleries, monuments, even restaurants and shops are posting virtual tours online and these are going up for us all to share in the trip with them, along with one or two photoshopped prints. Yesterday they rode down fifth avenue in a pink limousine. Like I said, boredom fosters creativity.

How you cope with the strange world we are now living in is up to you. Where are you on this diagram? I’m in the learning zone heading straight towards growth.

Keep in touch.

Mrs S