How it started

I’ve been blogging on and off for years on well-being, family life and life in our Wiltshire cottage but my professional life as a teacher has remained firmly in the classroom – and the kitchen where I do much of my marking, planning and preparation. In the year 2000 I was a ambitious assistant headteacher in charge of the sixth form at a comprehensive school in Bath. I was also heavily pregnant.

Unlike my own mother I was able to choose between work and motherhood rather than have to juggle both. Many teachers seem to do both very successfully but that wasn’t me. Three small children took up most of my energy and they were blessed years I wouldn’t have wanted to give less than 100% of my energy to But in 2015 I felt the pull back to the classroom and then to contribute more widely to the direction of the school. It’s a profession I love, the best job in the world.

Much has changed in the last twenty years in education especially in the way teachers share resources, ideas and best practice. I started a senior leadership qualification (NPQSL) at the start of this school year and am leading a school initiative on growing effective independent learners. Now seems like a good time to start sharing my classroom experiences.


1- Home learning – sink or swim?

Dear Quaran – teens, So here is the benefit of my experience to help you get off to the best possible start on home study. It would be selfish of me not to share it with you, right? Let’s face it – we may have longed for the Easter hols to come and the revision… Continue Reading →

School’s Out

I may have wished for my independent learning program to have a real impact but I NEVER expected most of the children in the UK to have to develop their independent learning skills quite so quickly. What a week! In the strange world of Social Distancing,this is my classroom for the foreseeable future whist I… Continue Reading →

Growing Effective Independent Learners

Research project is ready to launch I’ve spent the last term reading, researching and making contact with senior leaders in other schools about workable strategies that they use to improve outcomes for students without putting the students, themselves or their staff under unnecessary pressure. Easy gains is what I’m after. Different and smarter ways of… Continue Reading →

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