How it started


I’ve been blogging on and off for years on well-being and family life in our Wiltshire cottage but my professional life as a teacher has remained firmly in the classroom…… until now. 

In some ways, much has changed in the thirty years years I have been a teacher especially in the way teachers share resources, ideas and best practice. Yet essentially the job remains the same – sowing seeds, lighting fires, engaging hearts and minds and learning as much from my students as I teach them.  I started a senior leadership qualification (NPQSL) at the start of this school year, taking an active interest in evidence- informed classroom practice, in particular on how teenagers learn. I lead on a school initiative to grow effective independent learners and then the Coronavirus pandemic happened. Students and teachers were forced into remote teaching and learning in lockdown. Independent learning skills became vital. 

And from my experiences this blog began. 

Cally Smart

An Inspector Calls

“We are all members of one body,” declares the eponymous inspector in a play that has been a set text since I was taking my O Levels, back in the dark ages. I’m gearing up to teach it again this Autumn. I never tire of it. Every class brings a slightly different perspective and I […]

Creative thinking

I’ve been caught between the Scylla and Charybdis of too much schoolwork and all the home chores I wanted to catch up with in the first week of the summer holiday – achieving not very much in either sphere. No surprises there! When you’ve been working from home since late March, the lines become somewhat […]

Why doodling in class is good for you.

What an adventure it is to venture into a teenager’s bedroom to retrieve their washing  or a pile of mugs. Sometimes the surprises you get are rather pleasant however, like today when I happened upon a beautifully organised A4 notepad containing a set of notes on the opening chapters of ‘The Great Gatsby’. What’s more, it […]

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